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Mood : celle qui écoutait du Ben Mazué / the one who used to listen to Ben Mazué

She used to listen to Ben Mazué. A lot. So very often. So much so it made her loquacious. She talked about his talent, she blogged about his music, she was inspired. In her convos, at the office or anywhere, Ben Mazué pops up. She needs to spread the word, she wants the world to know. She listens to Ben Mazué. Now just once in a while. Nothing lasts. This too will pass. Til that next record. Til the latest piece of lyrics gets her all emo, once again. September 25. That's when both her worlds collide. She listens to Ben Mazué. There's no filter, and barely a few feets  between them.  An intimate gig, brought to her on a silver plate. Showtime. 30 minutes flying by at the speed of light. Snapshot. Instagram. That's a wrap. She listens to Ben Mazué. But she feels the appeal slowly withering away. Nothing lasts. This too will pass. Differents tastes, a brand new phase. She listens to John Mayer. She listens to Miguel and to Michael Kiwanuka. She listens to some French rap and some Cardi B while jogging. Rage and sweat over feel-good, soft-hearted vibes. She used to listen to Ben Mazué and knows she will again, eventually. 

La Soul de... H.E.R. (une introduction) / The Soul of... H.E.R. (an introduction)

H.E.R. A cryptic acronym which has been spreading all over my social media timelines, Spotify recommendations and online wanderings lately. Still intoxicated by my alternative/emo R&B over-listening, I didn't feel any urge to dive, once again, into that dark, introspective, indolent vibe. Not til that umpteenth magazine feature got the better of me. And that's how the infectious single "2" came into my life. A subtle earworm, an irresistible hook, some sassy lyrics, and a neat production (a throwback to the Aaliyah/Timbaland era, fused with the contemporary sound of Banks) make this song the perfect introduction to the Soul of... H.E.R.

Miguel feat. Wale, "Bennie and The Jets" (Elton John cover)

Originally released back in  1973 on the album "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road", the song "Bennie and The Jets" still stands out as one of the most popular from the whole Elton John repertoire. Since the LP has recently celebrated its 40th anniversay, what's more efficient than a remastered reissue to introduce this emblematic record to a younger audience ? Especially when a whole new generation of singers/songwriters is getting involved in this re-release through a 9 track bonus set of exclusive covers, starting with a rework of this classic crossover hit that was "Bennie and The Jets" (it peaked at 15 in what was called "Billboard Hot Soul Singles" charts at that time). Miguel's signature style (airy Soul music fused with Rock and Electro elements) works perfectly here and give a convincing contemporary twist to the track. Listen below. 

[VIDEO] Marsha Ambrosius, "Love Is Stronger Than Pride" (Sade cover)

It's been two years since Marsha Ambrosius sophomore record, "Friends & Lovers" has been put on hiatus. The former Floetry vocalist was expected to release the follow-up to "Late Nights & Early Mornings", her 2011 solo debut, back in 2012 when lead single "Cold War" was first launched. But the classical Soul/R&B ballad sounded a bit too typical to cause any thrill among listeners. Since then, the singer/songwriter unveiled another advance single, the Ne-Yo assisted, Soul infused downtempo "Without You", in the summer of 2013. But still no sign of any upcoming full length at that point. That was until Marsha caught her audience off guard by dropping an unexpected Sade classic cover on Valentine's eve. The tune, a rework of the band's 1988 hit "Love Is Stronger Than Pride", is given a smart, seductive oldschool Hip Hop twist, with the instrumental borrowed to Jeru The Damaja's "Come Clean".

[VIDEO] Quadron, "Favorite Star"

This week has been massive music wise and I'll try my best to catch up on all the great releases we've been graced with these last few days, starting off with one of my favorite band, Danish duo Quadron. The pair, who's currently touring across the USA as opening act for singer Mayer Hawthorne, premiered last night the video for the graceful "Favorite Star", the latest offering from their critically acclaimed sophomore effort "Avalanche". Spellbinding lead singer Coco O. is again making wonders here, and delivers a divaesque, Beyoncé-like performance full of charm and sassiness, in the accompanying video that she also directed. A must watch !

[VIDEO] Rachel Claudio, "Thrill Of The Game"

Though she only made her TV debut last year when she appeared on season 2 of talent show The Voice, Australian born and French based songstress Rachel Claudio was already an established name on the Parisian indie Soul/Alternative Hip Hop circuit. The singer/songwriter is about to drop her latest EP, following the release of her 2013 "C.L.AUDIO TAPE". On the 8-track effort, untitled "Thrill Of The Game", she recorded, among other things, a duet with French phenomenon Ben l'Oncle Soul, who, himself, is expected to release his sophomore album - for which Rachel wrote a few songs - in the weeks to come.